1475926_766915369992322_1060327099_nFrom: Brantley Thornton Elite powerlifter , world recored holder for the raw with wraps 181weight class with a 1800lbs total!

I Just wanted to give a shout out to Team Lilliebridge and there training method.  I started running there method in January. Since then I have taken my squat from 635 to 735 bench from 475 to 525 & deadlift from 705 to 765. So all of my lifts have blown up!  I feel better and have less pain then other workouts I’ve done. I highly recommend this training method to anyone. It works no doubt even for beginners to pros like me!

 551125_10151615506193274_1083043896_nFrom: Dan Pasholk owner of Madtown Fitness gym in Madison Wisconsin

This is a bit long, but if you’re a lifter please take the time to read it. Today I hit a deadlift PR.  To most, that’s not something overly impressive and it’s something that should happen after just about every good training cycle.  But for me, a deadlift PR means a hell of a lot more. Six weeks ago I was about to give up on powerlifting, the only sport that I’ve ever been even remotely good at.  Over the past two years, I’d trained my ass off, only to have every single one of my maxes decrease.  My knees felt like shit, my shoulders felt like shit, and my back was experiencing a whole new level of awkward discomfort with every squat or pull. Before throwing in the towel, I contacted a good friend of mine, Ernie Lilliebridge Jr, who suggested I go on the Lilliebridge Method.  Just to be clear, over the last few years, I’ve gone through 5/3/1, Juggernaut, the Cube, and just about every one of the other popular programs that have come out.  I’ve followed every one of them word for word, and I’ve gotten weaker.  I’m not saying that they’re bad programs, but they simply didn’t work for me. On top of that, watching every one of my friends make continuous gains and leave me in the dust was completely demoralizing.  I’d walk into the gym feeling lethargic as if I already knew the workout was going to be a waste of time.  But with a combination of proper programming and the constant encouragement that I’ve experienced from Ernie Lilliebridge Jr. and Team Lilliebridge, I’ve gotten stronger for the first time in almost three years.  Three years of grinding through program after program, getting progressively weaker and going from getting called a prodigy at every meet I attended to convincing myself that another PR was always going to be out of reach. Over the past six weeks, Team Lilliebridge  proved me wrong, and today, even through a bicep tear, several knee injuries, and severe issues with my lower back, I hit that deadlift PR that I’ve been working toward for three fucking years. The Lilliebridges are some of the most humble people that you’ll ever meet and I know they won’t take credit for it, but I can honestly say that their method and their guidance was without a doubt the reason for me finally making progress.  As you can see by my emotion in this video, I’m happy with my training for the first time in literally years.  Their method is totally worth it and its proven to work and will net you huge gains! I am  living proof that it works just as well for natural lifters.

1977385_1407687142821915_2079346235_n From: Mark Miller Elite powerlifter

Let me start off by saying that the Lilliebridge family is some of the best people I have ever met, I’ve know them for a few years now, and I want to say thank you for all the good advice you guys  have gave me at meets, phone calls, emails, text. I want to share with you some of my success I have had with the Lilliebridge Training Method. After totaling 2000lb RAW I found myself at a sticking point in my training and I was not making any progress, I competed 2-3 different times totaling 2005, 2010 and wasn’t making much gains. I wasn’t happy with what my numbers, so I contacted the Lilliebridge family (Ernie Sr,Ernie JR,Eric) and told them I needed help.  After talking to them I soon started there training program and ran two 10 week cycles of it. My results from it I totaled 2100 my last meet with a  90lb meet total. I hit a 30 pound pr on my squat a 35lb pr on bench and 25lb pr on deadlift. One thing that help me the most while running the Lilliebridge Training Method/Program is recovery! I broke there program down and trained 3 days a week. I wasn’t never tired or sore or feeling broke down going into the next training day after a workout, which also help me stay injury free. Anyone serious about taking there training to the next level and making huge gains I highly recommend the LilliebridgeTraining Method/Program contact these guys and let them help you get started you won’t be disappointed!

1798439_10202937911439209_2090135915_nFrom: Dusty Miller Elite powerlifter

I Just wanted to give a shout out to my good friends and some of the best powerlifters in the sport. The Lilliebridge family, they have helped me out so much in my short powerlifting career and are always willing to help me out if I have any questions or any advice. On February 1st I hit a 1700lb total in my first ever 220lb competition up from 198lbs. It was a 170lb meet PR from my last meet where I totaled 1530lbs. My numbers for this past meet were 715lb squat, 365lb bench and 620lb deadlift. Previous numbers  were  600-330-600. This Lilliebridge Method has helped me out a ton. It took me into this meet feeling healthier than I have ever felt going into a meet. The percentages in this program are on point, never failed a single time on any lift during this whole training cycle. If you watch my videos on YouTube from this training cycle you can see I was hitting PRs week after week and by doing this my confidence was on a whole new level going into this meet. I highly recommend this training method. This was the first cycle of the Lilliebridge method that I have done and I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for all the help and support in this last 10 weeks of training. Greatly Appreciated!

photo From: Tyler Moore    

I just want to thank Team Lilliebridge for the training method that they have developed and i wanted to share my results. I have lifted for about 10 years now but I’m just now getting very serious about it. After one 10 week round of the Lilliebridge Training Method I have increase my bench by 35 pounds and my dead lift by 85 pounds. Although I do not own a sling shot shirt or rarely have access to boards to do board press I am still very pleased with my result and I’m excited to start my second round. I will hopefully be able to max out on my squat in the next day or so. Once again I really appreciate the training method that your family has designed and I’m beyond impressed on my results.
Thank you!

10157314_10152234996200845_357561489_nFrom: Justin Sager

Hello Team Lilliebridge . I just wanted to take a quick moment to share with you my success using your family’s peaking method. I went into RELENTLESS with my biggest meet total being 1647@shw. Bwt right around 330. I left relentless with a huge improvement at the same bodyweight. I hit my first squat in the 700s with a 705. Previous best was 650. My first meet press in the 400s with a 424 bench. To top it off I had a huge deadlift PR of 700. My previous best was 622. 1830 meet total that blew me away. You guys obviously have proven meet numbers yourself to go along with what I feel is the best peaking method out there. I thank you and wish your family much more success on the platform.

DSC_6564l From: Jon Jursich Elite powerlifter

I have been a competitive strength athlete for almost 10 years. Then add in the 4 or 5 years I lifted in high school and middle school for sports. I have tried and undertaken many different programs to make gains throughout my years of training. Some better than others but none stood above the rest until I was given the Lilliebridge training method. About a year and a half ago I was coached and trained using the Lilliebridge training method. After the first 8 week program I saw results but it did not stop there. For example before I first started my competition bench was 365 lbs. As of April 2014 its 430 lbs in competition. My squat went from 585 raw to 655 lbs. Deadlift has gone from 565 to 640 lbs. Even with all the gains I have made I have stayed in the 275 lb weight class. I am the leanest and strongest I have ever been in my life and I see no stop in sight. This method is hands down the best I have used. I would highly recommend it to anyone from beginner to veteran lifters. Its the programs ability to adapt to the individual lifter that makes it the best program out there.

DSC_6290 From: Tom Kallas Elite powerlifter / World Record Holder
I have always had a tough time finding a program to help me peak for a powerlifting meet. I would always overtrain and would not have adequate time for recovery to help me do well at  meet. Then I found the Lilliebridge Program. It is a program guaranteed to help you peak for a meet. I gave it a shot and started the 10 week training for my next meet. The program was extremely easy to follow. There was no complicated formulas just plug numbers in and start training. My previous meet total at 181 was 1380. After a little time off and doing this program and watching diet, a few short months later I was able to total 1510 at 165 lbs. All of my lifts went up and I actually left the meet feeling happy that I was able to preform at the meet with the strength I built during the training cycle. Usually I would leave the meet pissed cause I wasn’t able to preform when the day of the meet came. I would recommend the program to anybody looking to peak for there next meet. I cannot wait to start the program for my next meet!
Update testimonial from Tom Kallas
The Lilliebridge program has once again given me multiple meet personal records! I went from a 1510 total to a 1586 total in about 10 weeks! With a big personal record on my deadlift. And with that I also had a PR squat of 677lbs at 165lbs body weight. Which gave me the world record raw with knee wraps. This program is simple, yet super effective. You just plug your numbers into the percentages and you’re done. It allows you to get some weight on your back and in your hands, but with enough time In between heavy days so you are completely repaired next time you enter the gym. This program has helped many lifters get bigger totals and multiple competitors with World Records!! I don’t know of any other programs that can say that. This program hands down works!

10513483_1454744111464764_4537979765533119540_n From: Shana Ratcliff Elite powerlifter/ world recored holder for the raw with wraps 97lbsweight class with a 735lbs total!

I did my first powerlifting meet in October of 2013 and total 584 at 97lbs. Soon after that I decided to run the Lilliebridge Training Method along with some of my teammates in prep for RUM 7. I’ve had nothing but huge and shocking results from the Lilliebridge Training Method. The program added 151 pounds to my total in just two training cycles. The first time I ran the 10 week cycle in prep for RUM 7 I put 92 POUNDS on my total! HUGE! I squatted a World Record of 253 at 97lbs and totaling 676 also giving me the number 1 ranking in the class. I went right back into training for the Women’s Pro/Am and after another cycle I totaled 735 adding 59 more pounds in 10 short weeks. I re-broke my squat world record with a 275 squat , benched 160, and deadlifted 300. I was the first 97 pound female to go over a 700 total. It was a huge goal of mine to go over 700 in the 97 class and the Lilliebridge method helped me achieve that! Since then I ran the bench program in prep for a 105 class meet and the program added another 20lbs to my bench. I loved the program because, it allowed me to have a lot of recovery time and I only ran 3 training days. When you work full time and have a family it makes a huge difference. The Lilliebridge family is nothing less then a strong group of humble lifters always willing to help anyone achieve greatness. They helped not only me, but also some of my teammates and I’m truly thankful. I can’t wait to run the program again and throw up even bigger numbers.