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I was always the last kid to finish anything in sports including gym time. To run a mile I would finish it in about 16 minutes trying. I eventually became tired of this. I was 240lbs at about 40% bodyfat at a mere height of 5’6. I was constantly pushed around and eventually became tired of this. So, at the age of 15 I began to train. I began at the edge of my bed doing simple curls with 2lbs weights. I began noticing a change in my bicep within a few days and I felt stronger. I began to add weight, which then sparked my interest in trying out other exercises for my upper body. I knew I had found something and began to add cardio and watch my diet. Before I realized, I had dropped 30lbs and had become much more agile, but I wanted more. I began to finally train at a gym and started off at the bench press. My strength rose significantly in a month and my research began to train more body parts. I’m currently 27 years old, have been training for 12 years now and have competed in various bodybuilding competitions (npc federation) and  APF powerlifting meets. Since then I haven’t looked back and loved every minute of my journey. I have acquired a huge passion for what I do and seeing others progress in their training as well. I have 8 years of experience in biochemistry and muscle science as well.

For my accomplishments ,I have won my 3rd bodybuilding competition which was back in 2016 (NPC federation). Winning the overall of over 132 competitors and won my powerlifting competition back in 2015 placing first in my weight class and breaking the Illinois state bench press raw record at 441lbs when it was previously set at 380lbs.

I love to train people and help athletes achieve progress. It’s motivating to see others want to pursue their goals and meet them. With my guidance it is my mission to see you succeed and achieve the progress you desire.



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